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CCI2 *, CCI3 * and CCI4 *: the results of this 2021 Arville Competition

CCI2 *

The CCI2 * ​​was won by the German Konstantin Harting with Caspara 6 just ahead of the young Belgian Laura Birkiye and Falcon Crown Z. In third position, Germany again on the podium with Josephine Schnaufer-Volkel and Ginger Spice. On the Belgian side, Laetitia Brechon and Ginger took seventh place, while Raf Steegmans and Chronicles van de Viking Z climbed to ninth place.

CCI3 *

The Swedes dominated the podium at CCI3 *: Christoffer Forsberg with Hippo’s Sapporo and Malin Peterson with Charlie Brown climbed the first two steps while Stephan Hazeleger for the Netherlands and his horse James Bond took third place. The best Belgian in the event was Lara de Liedekerke, who took Oda to fourth place. Lea Poncelet with Roxane de Othain and Wouter De Cleene with Goteus S completed the top 10 at eighth and tenth places in the standings.


In the CCIO4 *, the victory was for the German rider Ingrid Klimke for her first competition since her fall in the Baborowko competition last May. Klimke and SAP Hale Bob were in the lead in dressage with 76.06%. Flawless show jumping and a perfect cross country within the allowed time confirmed the couple's victory.

The second place in this CCIO4 * was for her compatriot, Dirk Schrade and Casino 80. The combination had obtained 72.62% in dressage and succeeded in clear rounds in the show jumping and cross-country.

Lara de Liedekerke-Meier and Ducati d´Arville tied for Dirk Schrade after dressage. With a fraction of exceeding the ideal time in the CSO and 6.4 penalty points for time exceeded on the cross, the Belgian combination took third place on the podium.

Karin Donckers and Leipheimer van ‘t Verahof, for their part, obtained a good sixth place in this CCIO4 *.