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Commotion in CCI4*-ERM!

The CCI4*-ERM cross country proved to be a difficult track, with only two combinations finishing inside the time allowed!

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It was Tim Price who moved up the ranks with Wesko (Karandasj) after a brilliant round of cross country ending on a result of 30,50. The crowd went wild when Christopher Burton and Quality Purdey (Quality) produced what looked like a clear cross as well and thus taking over the lead… But that victory didn’t stand long, since the fence judge noted that the MIM on fence 11 broke down, resulting in 11 extra penalties and thus a final score of 40,70 and a third place. Good news for Jonelle Price, since that meant she ended second with Faerie Dianimo (Dimaggio) after gaining 6,80 time penalties in the cross, ending on a total of 39,10.

After an Australian podium, it was the Brittish Kirsty Johnston who claimed a 4th place with WTTL Opposition Sky Law (Mill Law) after 4,40 time penalties and thus a total score of 43,70. The Italian Pietro Sandei closed the top five with Rubis de Prere (Fedor des Seves). They finished the cross with 8,40 time penalties, ending on a total of 44,70.