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Dirk Schrade in the lead in CCI2*

82 competitors took part in the CCI2* competition at Arville the last two days. Here it was the German Dirk Schrade who took the lead with Cancun (Clinton), obtaining a score of 28.20. The second place went to Germany as well, with Pia Münker and Jard (Huzar) ending on a score of 29.20. Raphael Cochet and Scarlett Louviere (Calido I) defended the French honor. They obtained a third place with a score of 29.60.

Valentine Steeman noted the best Belgian result. She ended on an a score of 30.80 with her horse Vaudou du Boisdeville (Opium de Talma), finishing fourth. Next to the victory, Dirk Schrade also occupies the fifth place with a score of 31.10 with his other horse, Quasi Cool (Quo Vados).

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