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ERM kick off!

ERM kick off!

The Event Rider Masters kicked off earlier today with the CIC3* dressage tests, drawing the world’s very best eventing riders to the Arville showgrounds. The lead after the dressage is for French rider Thomas Carlile and Upsilon (s. Canturo) who obtained a 76,67% judges’ good score (23.30 penalties), staying ahead of New Zealand rider Christopher Burton and Polystar I who scored 76,41% (23.60 penalties). On the third spot in this provisional ranking after the dressage is British rider Oliver Townend, who obtained a 75,26% good score (24.70 penalties) for his ride with Cillnabradden Evo.

Lucky for us, the world number 1 had time for a quick interview after his test!

Eventing Arville (EA): Oliver, how are thing going for you so far?

Oliver Townend (OT): Very good, I’m very pleased with my horse’s test and there are very good horses and riders competing here. Cillnabradden Evo is becoming more established at this level. So far so good!

EA: What are your hopes or expectations for this competition?
OT: Perform as good as possible, hopefully. It’s just me against the competition, and you’ve got to showjump and leave the poles up, be quick and clear in the cross-country…There’s lots of time to go yet and lots that could still go wrong. At the same time I’ve got a horse with experience at this level now, so hopefully that will make things slightly easier. The form is good with this horse!

EA: What do you think of the venue?
OT: It’s an unbelievable setup and just enormous to be at such a special venue!  Thanks a lot to the family for having us here, because events like this make my job a lot more enjoyable.

Oliver Townend is in Arville just for the Event Rider Masters. He finished second in Wiesbaden and we wish him and everyone riding the ERM the best of luck!

Château d’Arville
Chemin d’Arville, 28 à 5340 GESVES

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Photo credit : Astier Nicolas