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Event Riders Masters Series at Arville

Eventing Arville has been selected to organize the 3rd competiton in the Event Rider Masters Series 2018.
This prestigious event, createdin 2016 and originally ridden only in the UK and Scotland will from now on expand towards the continant. The Belgian league will be ridden on June 23rd and 24th during the International Arville Eventing***.
The Event Rider Masters has been created to promote eventing as an equestrian discipline and is limited to the best 40 riders on the world ranking. It is ridden on a CIC3* track over two days.
All the tests can be viewed live on tv throughout the world - for free !

Barbara Liedekerke, organizing force behind this competition :

" with the Arville team we have ben working for years now to turn Arville Eventing into one of the nicest eventing competitions in Belgium. Being able to host the ERM is a real honor but also a great opportunity to show off our fantastic sport to the world and put our sponsors, riders, horses and their owners in the spotlight. "

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