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The CCI** cross country

The second part of the CCI2*, the cross-country, didn’t pose any problems for the top five in Arville today. The German Dirk Schrade remains in the lead with a score of 28.20 after a clear cross with Cancun (Clinton). He is followed by Pia Münker, who finished her cross clear as well with Jard (Huzar), finishing second with a score of 29.20. The French Raphael Cochet remains in third place with Scarlett Louviere (Calido I), but sees 0,40 penalty points added to his total, ending on a score of 30.
Belgian Valentine Steeman and Vaudou du Boisdeville (Opium de Talma) remained equally clear, ending on a 4th place with a score of 30.80. The Swedish Malin Petersen moves up the ranks after a clear cross with Ebony II (Hirtentanz 2). She is now in fifth place with a score of 31.40.

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