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Dressage: four Belgian riders in CIC4* top 5

Dressage: four Belgian riders in CIC4* top 5, Jonelle and Tim Price dominate CIC2* top 3!

The first day of the Concours Complet*** d'Arville is ending on the beautiful castle grounds. This first day was all dressage, with the first parts of the CIC1* and CIC2* classes being held all day.

The least we can say is that Belgium was well represented, especially in the CIC1* class with four Belgian riders in the top 5 of the provisional ranking! Belgium's best rider Karin Donckers and Hamilton (s. Bonnie Prince Charlie) are currently in the lead.  They rode a 71,74% class and start the competition with 28,30 penalties. Close second is the Italian rider Pietro Grandis and Fischertakinou (Jaguar Mail) with a 71,09% score and 28,90 penalties.

In third position, we find Belgian combination Julia Schmitz and Gamin de Bras (29 penalties), followed by Karin again, this time with Nolimit VDB Z (29,10 penalties).  Closing the top 5 is another Belgian combination: Valentine Steeman and Fine Mouche DB are starting their competition with a total of 31,90 penalties.

No real surprise in the CIC2* provisional ranking as Badminton and Lühmühlen winner Jonelle Price (NZL) appears twice in the top three. Jonelle rode Cooley Showtime (Chin Chin) to a 72,92% score (27,10 penalties), taking the lead in the provisional ranking. Husband Tim Price and Spartaco (Nadir di San Patrignano) are in second position with 70,42% and 29,60 penalties. On the third spot, we find Jonelle again, this time with her Henrich Heine mare Hester (29,80 penalties). Best Belgian combination in the CIC2* provisional ranking are Karin Donckers and Lepheimer van 't Verahof, in fourth position at the moment (31,50 penalties).

Tomorrow will bring us further dressage classes in the Arville arena, starting with the CIC2* at 9 am and the CIC1* at 10am. The CIC3* dressage class will start at 1pm. The day will end with the Belgian Pony Championship dressage classes starting at 8 pm.

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Crédit photo: M&R Photo.