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Ponies: Baptist Petillion in the lead

Ponies: Baptist Petillion in the lead

The cross-country part of the Pony Championship took place in the Castle park earlier today. After this second leg of the championship, Baptist Petillion is currently in the lead with Hadgar.

Baptist performed his course in 5min30 and has a total of 30 penalties after the dressage and cross-country. Dutch rider Britt Van Rijswijck is currently in second position after a 5:53 time and a total of 38,70 penalties with Orchid’s Tigersun. The third place in the provisional ranking is held by Bo Goeman and Joe de la Grivardy, who performed their cross-country in a 5:55 time and totalized 42 penalties so far.

The next and final part of the championship will take place tomorrow!

Château d’Arville
Chemin d’Arville, 28 à 5340 GESVES

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Photo credit : Victor Krijt