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  CICI1* and CIC3*:

Karin Donckers and Therese Viklund in the lead

CICI1* and CIC3*: Karin Donckers and Therese Viklund in the lead

The day is ending at Arville while the young talents are riding the dressage class for the Belgian Pony Championship. This second day of dressage ends with a great top 5 for Belgium in the CIC1* provisional ranking and a first provisional ranking for the CIC3*.

Karin Donckers and Hamilton maintain their leading position in the provisional ranking, followed by Valentine Steeman and Beauty Boy, who beat the Italian combination Pietro Grandis/Fischertakinou. Valentine obtained a 71,41% good score, translating into 28,60 penalties.

Julia Schmitz and Karin Donckers, yesterday's 3 and 4, are currently in 4th and 5th position: still firmly in the top 5.

Swedish rider Therese Viklund took the lead after the CIC3* dressage with Viscera after obtaining a 74,42% good score (25,60 penalties). Pawel Spisak and Admiral, riding for Poland, took the second position after a 72,50% (27,50 penalties) test. The top three here is closed by Michael Jung and Fischergreenline, obtaining 72,05% (28 penalties).

We will be back tomorrow with the results of tonight’s Belgian Pony Championship and the next classes!

If you're coming down to Arville this weekend, don't forget to drive to the Chemin d'Arville in Gesves and to follow the "visitors" indications!

Château d’Arville
Chemin d’Arville, 28 à 5340 GESVES

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crédit photo : M&R Photo