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They did it again !

For the second time in a row the belgian Eventing team wins the Nations Cup on their home turf at Arville - we are incredible proud of them !

After a first historical victory in 2021 our belgian riders did it again.

The team, led by Kai SteffenMeier, riders Lara de Liedekerke, Maarten Boon, Jarno Verwimp and Julien Wergifosse claimed the victory after a thrilling weekend. Second place was for the german team, third was the swedish team.

In the lead after the dressage, the belgian riders unfortunately lost their first place after the showjumping and fell back to the third place but then did a fantastic job in the cross country, thus claiming the final victory.

Congratulations to these young riders on their great performance.

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Photo credit : FEI/Libby Law Photography