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    More about eventing : an equestrian triathlon


    Three tests within one discipline

    The eventing horse riding competition (CCE) is an equestrian sport that unites three distinct events in a single discipline: dressage, cross-country and jumping.
    Originally created to test the abilities of horses intended for the armed forces, this event has evolved gradually to become an equestrian discipline in its own right. Often referred to as an equestrian triathlon, the Eventing requires versatility from both horse and rider.
    Eventing is one of the seven world equestrian disciplines approved by the International Equestrian Federation and an Olympic discipline since the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.


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    Style and obedience

    The couple evolves on a rectangular arena of 60 m by 20 m and performs a series of predetermined figures. The jury evaluates the ease and fluidity in the movements of the couple, each figure is marked from zero to ten and then the jury also assigns overall marks to judge the precision of the execution, the willngness of the horse, the correctness of the gaits, the impulsion, the position of the rider, the harmony in the rider-horse couple, etc.

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    Cross country

    Power and stamina

    Cross or cross-country, a specific event for eventing, is a discipline that is only practiced in the context of an eventing competition. Its particularity is that it is practiced on natural terrain (plains, woods, hills, bridges, ditches) and includes so-called “fixed” obstacles: trunks, hedges, water crossings, etc. The combination of fixed obstacles and high speed guarantees a spectacular event.


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    Precision and control

    The show jumping is often the decisive test in most competitions. Competitors jump a dozen obstacles in a defined order without knocking them down or refusing to jump. The initial objective of the showjumping is to test the freshness of the horse after the cross-country course, a tired horse will be more easily led to make mistakes or refuse an obstacle.